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Thread: Pomegranate

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    Just looking a wee bit of clarification please as i dont have my book handy. Is pomegranate regarded as speed or super speed food? I'm assuming theyre free being a fruit though... Also if any of you are having them what would you serve it with? Is it better over a salad / in yoghurt etc? Trying to vary things a bit for me and try new things

    Thanks in advance x

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    My book's saying that pomegranate is a F (fibre) food but not speed or superspeed, although it is still free. I like pomegranate too, I usually either eat it by itself (in a bowl it takes so long to eat piece by piece and it's something to snack on so keeps me busy and away from the biscuits) or sprinkled over a fruit salad (or a normal salad if you like the sweetness). I've never had it with yogurt, although I imagine it would be nice with the Muller Light Cranberry and Raspberry one.

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