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Thread: Meal planning template

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    Meal planning template

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have a template they could send me with regards to meal planning? something listing syns etc. I have been trying to do one myself but not finding it easy, if anyone has one they don't mind sharing that would be a great help!

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    It depends on what meals you are having really.

    All meals should be 2/3 free food, 1/3 superfree. Your healthy extras and syns can be incorporated to your meals or eaten separately.

    So say have a jacket potato, with a side salad and tuna mayo

    Jacket- Free
    Salad- superfree
    Tuna- free
    Mayo- syn (syn value depends on the mayo you use)

    Cheese on toast

    Cheese- hexa
    bread- hexb
    butter? - syn
    side salad or fruit after for your superfree element.

    If you have a meal in mind I can try and help.x.x.
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    Do you mean like a word document or something similar? If so, I do my own food diary in a template I created.

    It lists the days across the top (Wednesday-Tuesday for me, but you can alter it to fit in with your SW week) and meals down the side (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Other). At the bottom of each day there is also a place to enter your Healthy Extras and Syns for that particular day, and a column where you can type how many Syns you had in total for the week.

    If this is the type of thing you were looking for, then feel free to PM me your E-mail address and I could send it accross for you to try. It's very simple but effective. I definitely find it helps me stay on track and in control!

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    You can follow my 5:2 food diary here!

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