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Thread: New Year, baby due in 8-10 weeks....serious work to be done....any tips

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    New Year, baby due in 8-10 weeks....serious work to be done....any tips

    Hi All

    As we start the new year we all have new goals and targets, myself is not to be a fat dad. Im 13st 9 currently, which for me is not far off the heaviest i have ever been. (5 foot 8 and a half)

    My goal for the next 2 months is to get down to 12 st maybe 12.5st.

    My excercise regime with be a mix of Shaun T insanity program and also some weightlifting in the gym.

    Now we come to wear i fall down, love my excercise but i really stuggle with food when i get bored of eating the same meals in cycles. Dont get me wrong i like the SW vegetable curry and the chicken curry and a few others such as spag bol. So what happens is i usually slip into the odd dominos or 4

    So here is to the point of my post does anyone have any combinations of food such as breakfast and dinner that they feel go well together, at the minute my breakfast is usually weeabix fruit and nut mini's followed by soup for lunch and then a curry of something usually chicken based (due to my gym and weights)

    Does anyone have a ideas of nice recipies that i can use together to change up what i eat. I like salads every now and again but then get bored quite quickly of the same things in salads

    Or does anyone have any good slow cooked meal ideas ?

    Cheers in advance

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    There are some awesome sausage or chicken casseroles to be done in the slow cooker. the pepperpot stew is also really nice. One pot jambalaya is gorgeous and full of flavour. The SW mac and cheese is really nice too. Maybe invest in one of the SW books there is an extra- easy all in one book or 100 extra easy days and that has suggestions for all meal times.

    I try to stick to weetabix for breakfast, light lunches such as soup or sw quiches, then my main meal at tea time, which is usually things that all get thrown in to one pot together (Ive got 2 young kids and I dont have time to be standing in the kitchen all night)

    If you like pizza have you tried the gammon pizza? Gammon round, grilled. squeeze of sauce spread around it, add mushrooms, peppers, onions (any toppings you like) grill again. top with cheese grill for a last time and there you go a completely free SW pizza theyre really tasty.

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