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Thread: Protein Shakes - Maxitone

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    Protein Shakes - Maxitone

    Hi - can anyone tell me if i can have one maxitone sculptress diet shake a day maybe for breakfast? I am unfortunetly one of the fad diet buyers and i really dont want to waste my money as i still have a big tub left! I was thinking i could incorporate it into my SW diet somehow. I am doing red days only, high protein and no carbs.

    Im sure its going to be classed as syns though x

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    Yes you can have it, but yes it will be Synned. As it has no free food allowance it will be 1 Syn per every 20 calories.

    If it is the stuff you mix with milk, you can use your Healthy A for milk. The amount varies depending on which milk you use, but I know it's 250ml Semi Skimmed.

    Hope this helps!

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    it is 201 cal per 50g serving of powder so will be 10 syns if made with water. if using milk you could use a hea.

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