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Thread: Rubbish first week1 ;-(

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    Unhappy Rubbish first week1 ;-(

    Hi everyone,

    Joined SW last week and had my first weigh in last night. I've done the diet before and lost around 3lbs in both my first two weeks but last night I stepped on the scales and had lost a measly 1lb! I'm really disappointed as I've really tried cooking all sorts of new things and changed the way I cook in general. I had things like cottage pie, quorn chilli, chicken tikka misala, Sunday roast. Stopped using oil and switched to frylight, filled my plate with veggies alongside some meals, ate fruit everyday, did some exercise etc. etc.

    Is there anything I'm doing wrong? I'd like to know if there's anyone else who's lost so little in first week and gone on to lose lots ... I'm feeling quite disheartened! Although the positive words from the ladies in group stopped me from going home and getting a chippy!!


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    I don't think you're doing anything wrong hun. Going by your stats you are already at a healthy weight so you are not really going to see big losses. There's nothing wrong with losing a pound - its two packs of lard that are not on your body any more

    PS Is that target weight in your stats right btw. It would take your BMI really low and very close to being underweight if not actually into that range x
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    Hiya !

    I think it's a case of finding which plan on slimming world works best for you when I do the ee I normally loose about a lb a week which im happy with but I've found now if I do the original I can loose around 3lb a week for me it's things like bread pasta and potatoes that slow down my weight loss x

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    Goal Weight 10st7lb

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    Agreed, your Consultant won't be able to accept that target because you will be underweight. You're already on the edge of the healthy range, why not have a chat to the Consultant and see what they think?

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    I wouldn't worry, like other have said you're already in a healthy weight range so your losses won't be as big.

    I have over three stone to lose and last night at my first weigh in I.....stayed the same!! Stuck to it like glue all week, I couldn't believe it. Just hoping for a good loss next week. Like you I've done the plan before and normally lose around 3lbs in the first week, don't know what's going on!!
    Started SW 9th January 2014 14st 2lbs

    Week 1 STS
    Week 2 -4lbs

    Week 3 -0.5lb
    Week 4 -2.5lbs - SOTW
    Week 5 +1lb
    Week 6 +3lbs
    Week 7 -3lbs
    Week 8 - Holiday
    Week 9 - Holiday
    Week 10 +3lbs Need to stop mucking around and get shifting these pounds!!

    1/2 Stone (1lb to go) - 13st 9lbs
    1 Stone (8lbs to go) - 13st 2lbs
    Club 10 (13lbs to go) - 12st 11lbs
    BMI under 30 (1 stone 3lbs to go) - 12st 7lbs
    2 Stone (1 stone 8lbs to go) - 12st 2lbs
    2 & 1/2 Stone (2 stone 1lb to go) - 11st 9lbs
    3 Stone (2 stone 8lbs to go) - 11st 2lbs
    Target! (2stone 12lbs to go) - 10st 12lbs

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    Goal Date: No rush! :)

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    I really wouldn't let it dishearten you. Everyone's body is different! I find that my body can work a week behind a lot of the time. For example, if I go over my HEX allowance, like having too much cheese on my jacket potato a couple of days , it makes my day when I get to weigh in and I've lost. But the following week I can stick to it to a tee but gain a pound or two! It really does depend on you and your body.

    I've got my fingers crossed for you getting a big loss next week! Keep your chin up! x

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    You're already a healthy weight so unless you drop your calories by unhealthy levels, you won't see big losses and tbh you probably shouldn't aim to do so.
    If you have already done the diet before you may already have a reasonably healthy diet, and thus won't be getting the big water/constipation loss that many people get in the first week of a healthy eating plan.
    Originally made it to my target after losing 2.5 stone in nearly ten months on Slimming World. Regained a lot and now looking to get back down, but really struggling as life is complicated sometimes!
    My diary:

    20th April - 11 ST 9 (3lb off)
    17th May - 11 ST 12.3 after househunting and holiday

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    Hello there, first of all well done for losing! I had my first weigh in last Saturday and had lost a pound too. I must admit I was a bit down for a couple of minutes but then I thought well if I lost 1lb every week for the next 14 weeks I would be a stone lighter!!! I am hoping to have lost again this week, been sticking to it so fingers crossed.
    Good luck, keep going, I am!


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    Hey! I lost 0.5lb this week and it was my first week! I have to admit to being totally gutted as I have followed SW before so know what I am doing. But these things are sent to try us and all we can do is keep going and hope for better next week!
    our bodies don't like being told what to do ha!

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