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Thread: Feeling really down. I gained half a pound in my second week :(

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    Feeling really down. I gained half a pound in my second week :(

    I was expecting two to three pounds in my second week but no. I gained half a pound. And I don't understand why I was so good I lost 5 pounds last week so now I am just feeling really deflated especially with 100 pounds to lose...also I'm not due on so it would be that time of the month :/
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    its the nature of the beast unfortunately, my lovely. but on the upside, you are still 4.5lbs lighter than you were 2 weeks ago!

    did you hand in a food diary to your consultant? maybe give him/her a bell and have a little chat about it. keep your chin up, it happens to us all.

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    why not post up your food diary so we can all see. Maybe we can point out anything we see. A lady in our group today had been using a facebook forum and had seen some chicken squewer things as 1 syn for a box of 12, it turned out it was 15 syns for the box. She'd had a few boxes of them over the week. Its real easy to make a mistake by not reading the small print like something being 3 syns per 100g and we read 3 syns and the box size be 600g IYKWIM.

    I pledge to take it 1 lb at a time and to ease up on myself when I make a mistake.

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    In the grand scheme of 100lbs a gain of half a pound is nothing... don't let it get you down, make sure it focusses you on this weeks LOSS.

    Did you fill in a food diary for your consultant? If you did they may be able to spot a reason for your SMALL gain. If not then do one this week. Be honest with the food diary. Look everything up even if you think you are sure of the syn values or if it counts as a HeX-A/B. Measure your healthy extras.
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    Bodies are crazy things. The one bonus of having tried every diet under the sun (well, most of them, I think ) is that you learn weird gains and losses happen for seemingly no reason. I know I'm not the only one who's actually seen a gain when sticking to a food replacement diet 100%.

    Don't be disheartened. Weight loss never happens in a straight line. We're not machines. You could eat exactly the same number of calories every day for several weeks and some weeks lose a pound, some weeks two pounds, some weeks three pounds - and other weeks lose absolutely nothing or gain. Doesn't feel like it should be possible, but it is, because bodies are sensitive to what we put in them, especially salt. Look at it another way - half a pound is equivalent to a cup of tea. Chances are that next week you'll see a bigger loss than you were expecting..

    I've done this before - I can do it again!

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    As others have said, look on it like you've still lost 4.5lbs in 2 weeks which is great!

    I had my first weigh in tonight and stayed the same, after following the plan to the letter, so I know how you're feeling.

    Tomorrow is another day and I'm sure we'll both see losses on the scales next week
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    Thanks guys! I do Slimming world online so I don't have a consultant. However I have a food diary which I update daily on the food diaries section under SoldieronNatasha needs to make a change.

    I also have an ********* account where I take a photo of anything that passes my lips with the exception of water. My ********* name is natashawillbeslim. I would really love some feedback as I feel I have done really well and stuck to the plan and my syns.

    Let's hope next week sees a bigger loss as i worry all the time that this will be another failed attempt at losing weight and I just can't give up. This is it, this is my last chance. Slimming world HAS to work for me :/
    WEEK 1: -5
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    WEEK 3: - 2.5
    WEEK 4: - 1.5
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