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Thread: Any ladies who have had 6 - 7 stone loss? Tummy photos? Worried about sagging skin

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    Any ladies who have had 6 - 7 stone loss? Tummy photos? Worried about sagging skin

    Have any of you lovely ladies lost around 100 pounds and have photos of your tummy? I am worried about how my tummy will look and have just read that if you get a tummy tuck and then get pregnant there is a lot of risk regarding complications as the skin can't stretch properly and you can tear. I'm in my mid twenties xx

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    I lost nearly 9 stone but am older than you and had already had 3 children, I definitely don't and won't have a bikini body but the skin isn't as bad as it could be.

    My thoughts would be that if you are in your mid twenties the skin won't be as bad as it will be if you don't lose the weight now and do it later on and the best way to find out what your skin will be like is to lose the weight healthily and exercise and see how it goes
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    I'd thought about this as well and if I'm honest sometimes it does creep into my mind however I try not to worry as I could be worrying over something that doesn't happen. I WANT and NEED to lose the extra weight I carry and there will be no excuses this time... if I get to target and my stomach is a problem area then I'll worry about it then. At the moment I'm doing a 30 day plank challenge as this is supposed to help tighten all the muscles up... it's hard work but I'm giving it a go each day. Fed up with telling myself 'Oh you won't be able to do that'... how am I going to know unless I try?! (sorry little pep talk to myself there!)

    For anyone interested this is the 30 day plank challenge:

    Day Time
    1 20 seconds
    2 20 seconds
    3 30 seconds
    4 30 seconds
    5 40 seconds
    6 REST
    7 45 seconds
    8 45 seconds
    9 1 minute
    10 1 minute
    11 1 minute
    12 1 minute 30 seconds
    13 REST
    14 1 minute 30 seconds
    15 1 minute 30 seconds
    16 2 minutes
    17 2 minutes
    18 2 minutes 30 seconds
    19 REST
    20 2 minutes 30 seconds
    21 2 minutes 30 seconds
    22 3 minutes
    23 3 minutes
    24 3 minutes 30 seconds
    25 3 minutes 30 seconds
    26 REST
    27 4 minutes
    28 4 minutes
    29 4 minutes 30 seconds
    30 As long as possible!
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    Ive only lost 88lb, however my advice is make sure you do to toning exercise as well as cardio. Its much better to have a wibbly wrinkly belly than weigh 100lb more

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    I've lost 8 stone 8lb and my stomach looks pretty horrendous. As I've said before, though, I don't go out in a bikini very often so I keep my saggy bits covered up! My upper arms and inner thighs aren't a pretty sight either But do you know what? I am fit, healthy, happy. A toned tum wouldn't make a jot of difference!!
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    I have lost 5 stone and at my fattest I looked pregnant! 9 months pregnant!
    I was worried about my tummy but its not too bad - a bit wobbly, but a few of my same aged friends that aren't overweight have wobbly tums too so I don't stress. x

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    I'm 31 and lost 6 stone over a year. Think the trick is to do it at a steady rate. Picked up some exercise towards the end, have started doing weights at the gym to tone. My stomach won't ever look the way it did, but I'm with everyone else who says it's a small price for your health & feeling better about yourself. Good luck chick

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    I'm in my 40s and lost over 100lbs, have also had 2 kids, and my tummy aint pretty However, I would far rather have my saggy tum than the weight back x As you're younger though, you've maybe a better chance of having less saggy bits xx

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