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Thread: can't get back into the swing of things

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    can't get back into the swing of things

    Hi all, been in slimming world a while now and have lost a stone. Would be happy if I lost another or maybe a stone and a half. Around the second week of december I decided for some stupid reason to stop going to slimming world using the ' it's Christmas ' excuse. I have been eating like a horse as I still haven't gone back to class yet. I'm dreading it and embarrassed as I feel like i've but on a few pounds over the christmas and i've totally lost the plot. Is anyone else finding it really hard to get back into the swing of things? Feeling very stupid that I gave up over the Christmas.

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    Please don't worry about your Christmas gain. I kept going over Christmas and ALL of the members at my class gained! I went mad over the festive season and put on a stone - not a word of a lie. You'll be in the vast majority if you've gained. My advice would be to nip things in the bud and go back asap as it'll help you get back into the swing of things. Good luck!

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    I was ok over Christmas, but since then I've yo-yo'd up and down. I'm back to basics, writing everything down in my diary. Would you do a week at home by yourself first, get back into the habit of synning and HEXs, and then go back to class?

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    Hiya, Think its safe to say that the majority of us will be in the same boat. I stuck to plan like glue until the 13th Decemeber (works christmas party), after that I just ate and drank what I wanted, when I wanted! Put on 6lbs when I faced the music and weighed back in 2 weeks ago!! First week I was completely motivated and lost 2lbs...this week however, I have really really stuggled and wanted to eat everything I see. I have perservered and managed to loose 1lb but it's been a miserable week.

    As above, I would just take the leap, find out the damage and then go back to plan. You can do it. The group will support you

    Good Luck x

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    I joined in Oct and lost 7lb up to xmas. Well I did totally the same thing as you and I thought "it’s xmas, im going to relax a bit" when I went back to group I’d put on 9lb! So not only the 7lb I’d spent 2 months losing but 2lb more! I was totally gutted.

    Then when last week I got talking to a lady next to me and she asked how I’d done - so I told her about by xmas disaster. She said well if you didn’t lose that 7lb before xmas, just think how much you would weight now. She was totally right, although I’d been stupid and gain 9lb, it would of been a lot worse if I hadn’t lost that 7lb in the first place.

    I think the best thing to do is rip that plaster off (so to speak) and go back to group xx

    Also, same as the other ladies, most of the people in my group gained over xmas x

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