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    Question recipe converting

    hi i was wondering if there is any way that i can convert the recipes i have from weight watchers from propoints to syns, (if any) because i have loads of weight watchers recipe books and i dont really want to bin them just because i cant work out any of the syns.
    help!!! please

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    Look through the ingredients in the recipie. If any of them have syns, mark the syn next to them. Then total up and divide by portion. Don't forget if they have cheese or bread in them you can use healthy extras if need be.

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    Does anyone know a slimming world dohnut recipe x

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    Quote Originally Posted by j0j01978 View Post
    Does anyone know a slimming world dohnut recipe x (Extra Easy: Slimming world Doughnuts.....go on give them a try)
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