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    Hey all....

    Feeling really upset right now - long story but that urge to binge to make me feel good is so strong.

    I'm not going to and i will be happier after that i stuck to it, but OMG that craving to stuff my face and know that nice feeling whilst i'm doing it is mega strong!!!!!!!!!!

    Wish i didn't feel like this - some people dont eat when they're upset or down but i cant think of anything else when i'm down.

    Sorry just wanted to write it down..........xXx

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    Ah well done you n writing it down! I find it helps to actually concentrate on my feelings and then work out if I can solve them if I can't I try and move in, but I also think what the consequences wouldbe if I binged, I.e the figure on the scales, how is will feel after and those two things are normally enough to stop me.

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    Ah hun I know that feeling too. Posting in here is a great distraction though and will keep you focused. Try and think not how you feel right now but how you would feel if you did binge.

    The good thing with SW is you can still comfort eat but just on different, better stuff. I usually have a massive bowl of sugar free jelly in the fridge for such occasions as I know it's only 1 syn for the whole huge bowl, so if I do need a binge that's what I can go to.

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    Oh, I know that feeling. What I do now is make a pile of slimming world chips with bacon and hea cheese on top with heb bread. Followed by a danio yogurt (really rich and feels so much more indulgent) quark mixed with hot choc options. I find this makes me feel stuffed, satisfying and completely on plan. Well done for resisting so far. X

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    I totally understand how you feel. It was ten years of secret binge/comfort eating that made me so huge. I had a blip today where I felt like this and luckily it passed without me falling into the trap. Those cravings do come less and less with time, but they also come back and bite at me now and again. Hang in there xx

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    Awh we all feel like that sometimes but at least you came here and didn't binge. Hope you're feeling much better now!

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    What do you want to binge on? Is it something specific that you could make a SW version of?

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    Oh my word I sooooo need to do this at the minute had a rough few days wow it's hard not binging as I refuse while not hungry x

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    Well done with pausing. Can you identify what's making you feel this way? Writing it down is incredibly positive. the book Beyond chocolate by Sophie and Audrey Boss really helped me (but be warned, they're anti diet).

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    Hiya how's you? x x
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    Well done for not giving in! I had major cravings for chocolate yesterday and ate loads Feel awful now and wish I hadn't.

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