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Thread: Im back..... Again!!!

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    Im back..... Again!!!

    I everyone!

    Well this will be my third time round doing Slimming World. I always come back to it as I know it works!! Good news is each time I've come back I've always had a little less to lose than the last time. Maybe after my 29th time back I'll finally be slim forever!! Haha!!

    Anyway main reason for being back is after having a year of strict eating and exercise I got married in July and once that was done I just went off the rails like a complete loony!! Eating all the food I'd missed for so long and generally being a big piggy.

    I've rejoined with a friend who was my bridesmaid and we're both determined to get looking fab for the summer. My personal goal date is the last week in June as myself and hubby are heading to the British Grand Prix for our 1st anniversary and I want to look fab!

    I'm a veggie so I do green days. Lots of pasta and veg for me. So far 1 lost 3.5lb in my first week, 2lb in the second and only 0.5lb last night. I'm pretty sure that's down to * week though as my food diary was perfect!

    Anyway it's great to be back and here's to onwards and downwards!!

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    Hey mrs that's great to hear you're ready and rocking to get right back on it - all the best on your slimming journey! These boards are AWESOME for tips and pointers - hope to see you around

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    Im always here!

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    Welcome back x

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