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Thread: Hi All :)

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    Hi All :)

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this part of the forums, i've toyed with WW and atkins, and even had a go at exante for a while (ugh!!) but a friend joined slimming world and loved it, she asked me to go with her just before Christmas and I actually went along to support her, thinking I can't see how I can eat all this and lose any weight! Ohhh how wrong I was!!!

    I've been going now since before Christmas and i've lost a total of 14.5 pounds, and i've probably eaten the best food i've ever made! I've always struggled with eating crap since I moved out or my mum and dads, and to be fair whenever I could before I moved out I would just eat crap, takeaway and fast food!

    Now i'm converted, I eat lamb shank with chips and veg, burger and chips, rice, pasta and I'm losing weight and getting all the right food I should! And i'm never hungry. It's great.

    Anyway, I know you all know this but I can't help but go on lol

    So, hi everyone! I'll be here looking for ideas and posting what i've been up to xxx
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    Well done on all your weight loss! I've never really got stuck in to anything til now only been at it week but so far so good and being healthy too!

    So amen sister lol well done, hope I can lose as much as you have! x

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    Oh, good for you!!

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    Welcome :-)
    Well done on your loss, awesome! :-)

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    Welcome to SW Leah! It's amazing that we can eat so much delicious food and still lose weight! I remember the first time I did SW and just being astounded that I lost any weight. My husband says it's the "Eat yourself thin" diet!

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