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    After being back at group for 2 weeks and loosing 4lbs (which i didnt think i would as my heart wasnt totally in it) I really want to stick at it this time, but feeling a bit lost with evening meals for the family - does anyone have any good ideas for me to steal ?? all help and tips welcome

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    I have found the recipe section of this forum great, there is a thread called "Pebbles and the gangs great grub recipe" which is full of ideas. What do you and your family like to eat?

    We tend to make big batches of things like chilli or bolognaise sauce and freeze portions which we then get out in the mornng to defrost for dinner. Hope this helps.

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    Yes I agree with cooking in bulk and freezing. There are so many ideas in the recipe forum Slimming World Recipes you will be spoilt for choice.

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