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Thread: Shift work and slimming world?

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    Shift work and slimming world?

    Hi, just wondering how people manage with shift work? I'm a nurse and struggling of what I could take for days and afternoon shifts?

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    I work shifts too- it can be really tough.
    When I'm on days, I take in soup/mugshots or a salad. I'll often take fruit to snack on too. I often put something in the slow cooker before I go out so when I come back I don't just grab anything and everything!

    On afternoons, I may take in the evening befores left overs. Like spag Bol or chilli and throw it in the microwave. I always make sure before afternoons that I have a fairly filling meal like a slimming world style 'fry up' because I never know if/when I'll get to eat my meal.

    On nights (don't think you do these though) I take in cereal and fruit as it's really refreshing in the early hours!!

    Hope this helps a little. X

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    I do shift work mostly lates but I have a long commute most off my days are 16/18 hours with my commute !!
    I have a lunch bag which I fill literally to the brim !!!
    I have lunch & tea in work so take soup or salad for lunch then tea is normally leftovers so curry chilli etc i do a lot off batch cooking on my days off so always have stuff in my freezer I take tonnes off fruit & normally a punnet off grapes to pick at I take yoghurt hifi bars & a mug shot for emergencies or If I don't have time to heat up my tea (we don't get set breaks just grab them when we can)
    Cold pasta salads are good too as they are filling and can be picked at if you don't have a set time to eat

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