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Thread: Letting go of the guilt and pressure

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    Cool Letting go of the guilt and pressure

    Hi all, just wanted to write some stuff down - hope that's OK.

    I have been on my SW journey for about 11 months now and lost 2 1/2 stone - it has been slow but really proud of my achievment and i have managed to 'live' whilst doing it which has been important to me.

    I am now in the midst of a one week on, next week off scenario which i was hoping to break, as i had a 4 pound loss last week but then gained a half last night.....i am now off for 2 weeks as on holiday from this Saturday.

    It will be a holiday of eating quite bad but i am able to do some swimming and walking etc and i am expecting a weight gain but i need to learn to deal with that, accept it and know that i have the power/tools to get it off again when i come home, which i can.

    I think that feeling guilty about it and putting pressure on ourselves sabotages us and makes us fail - so i am going to have a fab holiday, eat what i fancy and not just binge like crazy and accept what happens then get the weight off.

    Thanks for listening! xXx

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    I think we all experience that hun, doing so well then when "life" gets in the way, ie a holiday we put ourselves under an obscene amount of pressure and beat ourselves up. Enjoy your holiday hun, have a fabulous time, walk and swim when you are able to. Try to add superfree where you are able to, relax, have fun. Then when you are back get straight back on plan.

    Well done on what you have achieved so far, thats amazing x

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    Have a good holiday, enjoy and well done for recognising how bad guilt can make you feel. There is no need to feel guilty about enjoying a holiday

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