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Thread: Weight loss after excercise

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    Weight loss after excercise

    I joined curves gym last week and have gone five times so far. Has anyone found that their weight loss slowed down when they first started excercising. I usually lose 1 and 1/2 - 3 lbs a week and this week I will be lucky if I have lost anything

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    Hi Pips, I found that my weight loss slowed down alot when I first started exercising, however, my clothes got alot looser so I was losing inches rather than pounds.

    My best advice is for you to take your measurements now and re-take them in a month or so if you keep up the exercise at 5 times a week. You may not see the number loss on the scales but you will definitely see the loss in inches
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    This has reminded me to take my measurements. I went for a 20 minute 'jog' yesterday and again this morning and I'm pretty sure I'll actually gain weight which can be so off-putting!

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    It's hard not to let the numbers on the scale make us feel bad when they aren't moving, that's why taking measurements is a great idea.

    Also remember no one else sees the number on the scale but they do see your body. So even if the scale numbers are not moving you will be getting noticeably slimmer.
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    As I understand it, it is quite normal for losses to slow temporarily after you first start exercising, because your muscles hold onto fluid to help them recover from the work out. If you keep well hydrated and keep going the losses will soon start up again and of course the exercise is helping improve your body shape regardless of the numbers on the scales.

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