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Thread: Trying a red week

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    Trying a red week

    Hi everyone ive been doing slimming world for 10 weeks now and lost 1 stone 5lb so far! Had a take away for a family members birthday last night so going to try doing red the rest of the week to see if I can still loose, any tips as always done extra easy

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    Hmm, I have tried a couple of red days this week just to add variety, I did notice I felt a little more peckish that normal (I usally do green days through the week), but I kept a HEXB so I could have some potato with my main evening meal and made sure I had plenty to snack on durnig the day. Not sure how it will effect my weigh in, i'll let you know after i've been tomorrow night!

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    Top tips for Red days from me are:

    Use celeriac or cauliflower to replace potatoes...I practically live off celeriac chips but you can also make mash, "roasties" out of celeriac and it's Superfree! Cauliflower mash with a LC cheese melted into it is delicious, as is cauliflower "couscous". This leaves you more options for your HEBs. OH! Forgot one - squashes..squashes are brilliant, you can make "chips" out of them, and if you can get your hands on some of the more unusual small ones you can turn them into a sort of...jacket potato which can be topped with chilli con carne (no beans though!) or bolognaise sauce and either a HEA of cheese or a blob of quark (I pretend it's sour cream!) - really filling and delicious.

    Snack on superfree first - as usual - but I do find that eating meat/fish as a snack is satisfying and keeps me from feeling hungry. Melon with ham is one of my favourites (and melon is superspeedy as a bonus).

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    I love Red days - if you look at the link in my signature for my food diary, there may be some ideas in there for you (and some photos too) xxx

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    I do a fair few Red days, used to do just Green but recently my losses slowed right down so now I do a mix of the both each week. I make pizzas using cauliflower as the base, they're really filling and yummy. I have a lot of stir fries they tend to fill me as well. I make mash out of squash, carrots and swede, even top cottage pies with it. I think you just have to use your veg to fill you. Hope you get on well with them x

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