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Thread: I'm New Here!

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    I'm New Here!

    Hi there,
    I'm joining slimming world tomorrow on a referral scheme from my doctor. Firstly, what do you get when joining slimming world? (meaning books etc.) Would I be able to find out everything I need to know on here and on the slimming world website or do people recommend I actually buy the syn books?
    thanks in advance.

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    When I joined online I found the booklets to be very informative and have never felt the need to buy the shopping guide/syn book thingy. I think it depends upon how much pre packed stuff you find yourself eating. There is always the online syns directory you will have access to as a member. I suppose the books are good to have in your bag for shopping.
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    Good luck with your weightloss! I don't think you'll need extra books, they may come in handy while out shopping

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    Good luck to you, I don't use the books, personally it's quicker and easier for me to google 'syns in...' And 9/10 the answer is right here on minimins lol x
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    Welcome and goodluck!

    I'm same as above.. I have the books but generally look online at syn values etc.. Find it's easier!
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    I brought a couple of books when I joined, never used them! Always use the app on my phone x
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