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Thread: Journey to goal...

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    Smile Journey to goal...

    Okay... So this may well be the most uninteresting thread ever written, but I think it's great to have a soundboard to help support you through challenges like this, even if I'm only talking to myself.

    I think weight-loss is an emotional journey more than anything, largely because for most of us food has been something of a comfort. After all, I wouldn't have allowed myself to balloon to a hefty 17+stones if I didn't feel a compulsion to shovel food into my mouth at an excessive rate. It was the worst kind of food too... Not the super free healthies I am getting into the habit of eating now, but was the fat filled sugary treats which felt like a dirty hug from the inside.

    I have yo yo'd for years and its taken me until now to realise that that bag (or 3!) of crisps is not going to help anything. In fact my weight is the number one chink in my armour, the thing that knocks me and my confidence more than anything. So to truly feel better about myself, improve my health and my self esteem, the fat has got to go!

    Why slimming world?? Well for one I love that I can still eat pasta, rice and potatoes in unlimited amounts (I am quite the carboholic!) and the fact that there's so little counting and weighing... Dieting is hard enough without the extra brain ache if you ask me!

    So I'm only a couple of weeks in and 6lb down (hooray!) ... The idea is to record how I'm feeling, to share what tricks and tips I learn along the way and more than anything to just be honest. I know that I'm not the only one who feels like this and there is strength in unity! The fact is that I'm going to slip up now and then, as are you all! In fact I just ate chow mein from the Chinese to help me recover from the stinking hangover I have okay after a few too many last night. I think the main thing is to say I enjoyed my treats, no need to feel guilty, just straight back on the wagon tomorrow!!

    So that's me... I hope to update you shortly, thanks for reading, comments welcome

    Vix xxxx
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    Welcome along and well done so far!

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    Well done on a great start good luck with your journey, hopefully talking through it and getting support from people going through the same thing will help you through the hard times. We all have our ups and downs and having someone to guide us, support us or just listen to us is a massive help. You sound like you have a great attitude x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vixxy75 View Post
    ...the fat filled sugary treats which felt like a dirty hug from the inside.
    Hi Vix, welcome! I love this, what a great turn of phrase!

    Congratulations on your flying start, I really hope your journey is a successful one. And if writing it out here works for you then fill your boots hun!

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