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Thread: Family feast on a budget book

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    Family feast on a budget book

    Hi, does anyone know if this is the same as the Family Feast for a Fiver book?

    Week 1 -5lbs
    Week 2 -2lbs
    Week 3 -3.5lbs
    Week 4 -2.5lbs
    Week 5 -.5lb
    Week 6 -2lbs
    Week 7 -.5lb
    Week 8 -2lbs
    Week 9 -2lbs
    Week 10 On holiday
    Week 11 - STS
    Week 12 -1.5lbs
    Week 13 -2lb
    Week 14 -1.5lbs
    Week 15 -1lb
    Week 16 -2lbs
    Week 17 -1lb
    Week 18 -1lb
    Week 19 -1.5lbs
    Week 20 -.5lb
    Week 21 -1.5lbs

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    I think it's similar though. They don't make the family feasts for a 5er one anymore do they?

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