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    Just wondering how much water you all try to drink a day? And if you find this helps with your losses?

    Thanks in advance x

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    I have a 2 litre bottle of water on my desk at work and I usually drink about 3 litres of water from that over the course of the day (I notice I drink the majority of that in the morning so clearly I'm catching up from being asleep!). Added to that is probably 3 large cups of green tea and a couple of cups of coffee. In the evening I will usually have another couple of pints of water during the evening and sometimes a chamomile tea before bed.

    I think that the water I drink probably just fills my stomach up a bit, and it stops me mistaking hunger for thirst but other than that I'm not a great believer in the belief that water intake affects weight loss.
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    I have to drink more! I'm very lazy with water but it does help to keep you full
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    I try to drink two litres a day but find I tend do well in the mornings and then it tapers off by the afternoon.. must try harder though!
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    I have a 750ml bottle at my desk, and drink about 3 of those during the work day, plus another 2 pints or so of water at home, so think I'm around 3 litres a day, excluding tea and coffee (as I have no idea how big my mug is )
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    I'm trying to drink 8 cups a day, can't say how it's effected my weight yet though I found out sugar free cordial counts so I replaced my pepsi max with it as I hate plain water

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    Can't say at all, sorry. I have always drunk a lot of water, even before starting SW. So I guess it is the eating plan, not the drinking water that really does it, otherwise all the water I drank before SW would have meant I didn't need SW in the first place! I do think however that SallyVater is correct in that thirst can sometimes be mistaken for hunger which we try to fix with food instead of liquid, and you can prevent that mistake by not becoming dehydrated.

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