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Thread: Weighing and Measuring

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    Weighing and Measuring

    Some of us are very good at weighing and measuring things, others less so (guilty!!) - so I thought people might like to know that from Thursday, Aldi have three kinds of digital scales and some measuring spoons, cups and jugs at what look like good prices. Details on their website.

    We will of course be ignoring the fact that they also have special offers on things to do with cake baking!!

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    excellent! Thanks for the heads up.

    I need new scales. I have 2 sets but they aren't accurate enough for measuring the measly amount of pasta I can have on Red! Maybe I need to go digital


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    If your lucky you may be able to still pick up a Halogen oven 1.5 ltr comes with an extender ring, 2 shelves and tongs for 19.99.

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    I would thoroughly recommend digital scales. I bought some WW ones years ago when I was on that plan. Best thing I ever bought, I use them everyday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeanne Von Buttonpopper View Post
    I would thoroughly recommend digital scales. I bought some WW ones years ago when I was on that plan. Best thing I ever bought, I use them everyday.
    I second this! I have no idea how I ever managed without digital scales.

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