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Thread: Please check newbie

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    Please check newbie


    Can someone cast an eye over today! I'm having a massive I wanna nose dive off the wagon moment. As I feel like I'm gaining this week and not loosing. I promised myself I wouldn't become scale obsessed again this time. So I honestly have not stepped on the scales since official group wi on sat!

    Today I decided to do a green day - just to mix it up a bit.

    B snack pot baked beans on 2x wholemeal bread 2 heb

    Snacks banana apple

    L super noodles lf.

    D 2 quorn chicken thingys 5. Potato bake (leeks cabbage onion garlic cheese hea) with swede And carrot mash and green beans

    Brownie 7

    Total 12 syns.

    Does this look right? I just feel so fat! I've had a huge dinner as I'm on a night shift tonight and that's where I struggle as I usually eat my way through it!

    Thanks in advance! Xx

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    Hello, you food looks ok
    It seems a lot to you but it's not really, I usually work nights and I do eat through the night. I normally have tea when I get up, a lighter lunch half way through the night and breakfast when I get home.
    If you're not sure or want some ideas for Green days have a look at some diaries, they're quite a few of us on here who green days mainly. x

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    It's fine for a green day, I'd have added some veggies to the supernoodles, you don't need to but that's just me.

    Do you have a diary on here?

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