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Thread: Diabetic & Dieting

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    Diabetic & Dieting

    Hello All,

    I was wondering if you could help, I'm thinking of going back to Slimming after many failed attempts.
    My problem is that I type one diabetic and not many groups understand what we have to go through, so any tips or hints will be grateful.


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    I think you will find sliimming world very understanding providing of course you get a decent consultant. Mention you are type 1 when you have the pre-membership talk.

    I`m type 2 which probably makes life a little easier. SW is geared for you to choose what and when you eat, it is very flexible and there are members in my group who are type 1 and who are doing well on it. A couple of type 2 have completely come off of their medication. Probably not appropriate when having insulin jabs.

    Good luck anyway, but do speak to the consultant.
    Doreen x Weigh in Friday am.

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    My OH is type 2 diabetic, he does SW with me, in fact he's the reason we joined. He's doing really well on SW and he tried lots of other diets and has failed on all of them. He's even had tablets from the doctor which didn't agree with him. His blood sugars are the lowest they've been since he's been a diabetic, his blood pressure has come down and he's more than halved the amount of insulin he takes.
    If you tell them when you join they should a leaflet on doing SW with diabetes, if they don't ask the consultant to get one.
    If you're group doesn't offer the support you need you could always start a diary on here I'm sure there's plenty of people who could help you and give you the support you need and pass on any tips. I use this site because I'm the only veggie in my group and I don't get many ideas from group but I get load off here.
    Good luck x

    x 8

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    im diabetic and find extra easy is great as i carb count so just have right amount of insulin for carbs. I struggle with hypos tho
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    i've always thought that carbs are restricted when you are diabetic because they can spike your insulin levels..however i do remember some members being diabetic and doing SW..can't remember if they had type 1 or 2..
    if you have to watch carbs would a low carb diet be easier for you as you can snack on nuts and have full fat dairy in bigger quantities than the healthy extras in slimming world allow? like almond butter or peanut butter is high in syns but very low in sugar and could be a good dip with celery etc?

    sorry i can't help you more..perhaps discuss with a group consultant? all the best
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    Quote Originally Posted by ctysoe View Post
    Hello All,

    I was wondering if you could help, I'm thinking of going back to Slimming after many failed attempts.
    My problem is that I type one diabetic and not many groups understand what we have to go through, so any tips or hints will be grateful.


    im a type 1 diabetic too and I totally get what you're saying. I told my leader and she made a comment about me being so young to have diabetes. I had to explain type 1 is different, she has not acknowledged it since.

    Be wary of hypos, I've found that I've had to reduce my novo rapid insulin to almost nothing (which is good!) my hba1c has been excellent on sw so it can definitely work. Also on the advice of my nurse remember that if you do have to eat to raise your blood sugars you shouldn't count it as syns, apart from your diabetes always being more important, the body processes food eaten in hypo in a different way anyway, so it's unlikely you would store any fat from food consumed during times of low sugars (it's processed into energy immediately).

    good luck this time around! Hopefully your leader will be a bit more supportive than mine. :-)

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