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Thread: Syns for men?

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    Syns for men?

    Myself and wife went to class on 1st week (then continued online)
    I was told that I could have up to 25 syns a day & wife 15.
    Is this right it does seem a lot. Some days I am glad of it but mostly I don't go over 15. I have lost a stone and a few pounds in 4 weeks. This week I stayed same but didn't do anything different. Is it worth me try to stick to 15 syns max?

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    When me and my OH joined he was told he could have 20 syns and me 15. He doesn't often go to the full 20 and when he does his losses slow down. I think it has something to do with your start weight as well.
    If you don't feel like using 25 don't, but it like you said it could come in handy on certain days. I don't think your STS is due to that, we all have a gain or STS at some point, it just could be your body slowing down a stone in 4 weeks is really good, well done
    If I was you I'd stick to what you're doing if you start gaining then speak to your consultant and discuss the amount of syns you have. You'll probably have a great loss this week, good luck x

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    25 is the correct amount.. Since I started I tend to use about 15 a day but I do like a drink at the weekends so technically save the rest! It hasn't hurt me so far.. I've lost every week.

    You just have to find what works best for you, remember men are allowed more because we need more calories than women. Have the syns, they are more likely to help you rather than hinder you!
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