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Thread: wow... its been a while!

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    Red face wow... its been a while!

    Hi all, I love this place and how it has erupted and expanded with help and advice! I first joined minimins back in 2006, when I first started doing Cambridge, I loved all the support and inspiration that it gave. I have been away for years, got married, did CD again, did WW, and for the past 4 years I have been doing SW, I lost 2 stone at first, stopped going and regained the weight and I am now heavier than ever (story of my life!) I started SW again in Oct last year, but have only lost about 10 lb since then. I know SW works and is the best healthy eating way of life out there, but I am just not sticking to it, but feel a million times better when I am !
    So after having a scout around and a good reminisce reading over lots of my past posts, going back years!, I decided to rejoin on here, and start giving and receiving the support that I know is so helpful to my weight loss journeys.
    I do the wi at group and love seeing people loosing the weight and getting smaller and happier, and I just now need to be one of those people again!

    x x x x Lou x x x

    PS need to change my signature and icon now, as it tells me its been 3 years and 8 months since my 40th!! scary!

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    Welcome Back!!
    I also joined a few years 2008, so not quite as long ago as you! I come and go and use other boards depending on what plan I am following at the time but I always come back to this one. It really is a sensible, sustainable plan.

    Good Luck!!

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    sounds like my life story aswell. why when we know the answer do we keep making the same mistakes. i know i get lazy and go back to taking the quick & easy options but not this time. can't manage a class and don't see any point joining online so rely on this site so much. good luck

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    Loves to munch!! :)

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    I'm totally with you! We try all these hair brained schemes, yet keep coming back to SW, must mean something! Am back on track from Tuesday, we can all do this...together x

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    It's great to have you back,
    I too have been on every diet there is weight watchers slim fast Tony furgerson back to weight watchers but this time pro points the whole no carbs and it's my first ever time on slimming world and I have to admit I love it - at first it was hard to forget all I "learnt" from previous diets. I love carbs and they were always dreaded but now I can have them to my hearts content on EE!
    I've really changed my whole outlook on food and I enjoy eating again - don't get me wrong I do feel guilty having a binge but everything seems possible on slimming world
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