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Thread: Anyone else have this problem?

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    Anyone else have this problem?

    whatever I eat at lunch I cant seem to stay filled up! at half 12 I had Tomatos Rice and Salmon. It was a good plate sized portion not a small little thing, a cheesestring and a muller greek yoghurt. I am not hungry! I have had a glass of water and a gingerbread green tea but its not hit the spot!
    However, at dinner time I get filled. why is this?!

    p.s. cannot wait for dinner lol
    xx Jade xx

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    I get hungry again at about 3pm! I just stick a huge bowl of fruit on my desk and snack on that until dinner.. But then again I normally fill up too much on fruit with this lol! OH only gets in really late from work so it works for me I guess, since we eat together.
    I find meals I work harder on (dinner) hit the spot more.. It's just something about working hard on it that makes it so much better if that makes sense?

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    What kind of thing do you have for brekkie? If I don't get a decent breakfast (like porridge or a massive bowl of fruit & fat free yoghurt) then I find myself getting hungry throughout the day no matter how much I have at lunch! A good breakfast definitely helps me.
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    Yes me too, I was just having a Batchelors Cup A pasta but I was getting hungry, so I now have a warburtons brown sandwich thin for 5 syns with ham in it. It definitely helps.

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    The more I eat the more hungry I am! It doesnt help that I am always planning my next SW friendly meal!

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    I usually find by about 3pm I am hungry again but I usually bring a bowl of of fruit and an Alpen light bar with me to keep me going until dinner time. I am the same as well always planning what I am next going to make. I have tomorrow's meals all planned out.
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