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Thread: So glad :)

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    So glad :)

    Hello all, i just wanted to start a thread to say how glad i am to be back on the slimming world diet... i originally lost 5 stone with sw went on holiday and ruined it all (all inclusive will do that) i couldnt get back on it when i got home and i just put it all back on plus a wee bit more.. Anyway since then ive tried to get back on it.. then i tried a low carb diet.. very effective i wont lie but very very restrictive and it was not sustainable. It took me to do a diet like that to come running back to sw.. Newbies it works trust me... Dont think about it just do it .. What other diet could you have gammon steak baked potato and onions and peppers fried (with fry light) on top... AND THATS JUST LUNCH .. Sorry just feeling happy
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    Hi and welcome back. Your story is shared by alot of us i too am back heavier than before and kick myself when i think about it. I am also feeling happy about being back and love the new EE plan. This time i am signing up for life. I love what i'm eating 3 sensible meals a day with healthy snacks and a few treats so why will i not stay on it. I know there will be challenges to face like birthdays, holidays and xmas but as long as i keep to my limit i can still enjoy life. One day at a time not looking for a quick fix but a change to the way a live. I would like to share your happiness and wish you luck but sure you wont need it.

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    Welcome back and it is happy days when you find a weight loss plan that suits you.

    You did very well before and I am sure you will again.
    Love Mini xxx

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    Welcome back and good luck with everything.

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