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Thread: Liver shrinkage diet

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    Liver shrinkage diet

    Hello, I'm currently doing slimming world and I have been told I have to do a liver shrinkage diet. I am wondering how this will work out with slimming world? Should I stop when I do the liver shrinking and wait til post surgery to start again? Has any one been through this before? I have a date for my gallbladder removal 23 June 2014 and I have to do 2 weeks on liver shrinkage. Will it affect my weight losses?

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    Hiya! I'm not on SW, but from what I understand of both the plan and a liver shrinking diet, they're probably pretty incompatible, so I imagine you just need to forget SW for those two weeks. But I'd have thought you'd still lose weight, maybe even more so, as the diet for that period will be so restrictive. Obviously it's vital that you do the liver shrinking diet if you've been advised to, or they may not be able to do the GB removal laprascopically, which you don't want to happen if you can help it. I had mine removed last October, and they did it keyhole, which I was very relieved about! All the best. xx

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    I had mine removed in December 2013 and had to do a 2 week 800 calorie diet to shrink my liver too. I wasn't following SW then but I did my own plan of a small bowl of cereal with small amount of fruit, a small wrap/wartburton thin sandwich with a salad and a small low cal ready meal for tea with extra calories added on if I exercised (I worked this out using myfitnesspal but I always under-estimated just to be on the safe side. Yes, I did still lose some weight but I personally wouldn't recommend following SW on a liver shrinking diet.

    Good luck with your op though! I was relatively pain free from around day 3 post surgery onwards. My scars are still bumpy and raised but that's because I have problems with scar tissue. xx

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