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Thread: weight loss plateau

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    weight loss plateau

    Hi all, so, ive been following slimming world at home now since christmas and im 8lb away from my goal! (getting married august!!) I've found that over the past month or so, ive hit a total plateau and even sticking to the plan 100% nothing works. Ive only ever done EE so wondering if maybe doing some green/red days might kick start it again?! Also i rarely ever use more than 2 syns, im a total fruit lover so thats what i snack on, in some weird way could it be that i need to eat more syns or something?! I don't know, its just starting to frustrate me!! Haha. Sorry for rambling on, any advice would be amazing! Thanks

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    Its not weird! Your syns are there to be eaten!
    This is what happens when you cut down too soon, now you have plateaued, you have nowhere to go as you cant cut back on your syns as you are having too few already.
    I would definitely try upping them, maybe make sure you are eating a good variety of food incase you have got stuck in a rut and see how you go from there!

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    Make sure you use your healthy extra's too! Maybe try different meals or fruit and veg to snack on.. :changing things round can help, if your using white rice/pasta try brown, new brekkie ideas etc. They say having a different heb everyday can also help.
    Best of luck xx

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