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Thread: coeliac and slimming world

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    coeliac and slimming world

    I'm wondering if anyone has any tasty recipes that are wheat and gluten free, thanks in advance xx

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    I'm sorry I can't help specifically but you may have more luck asking in the recipe section? Or searching for "gluten-free" in the search bar. good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellyp79 View Post
    I'm wondering if anyone has any tasty recipes that are wheat and gluten free, thanks in advance xx
    Hi I do coeliac & sw food as my dd is coeliac I find most things can be adapted and substituted with gluten free alternatives
    You are allowed the gluten free cereal as a b choice and asdas b free gluten free wraps are a b choice and done bread too all the gluten free pasta is free too !!
    Most recipes are easily adapted though x

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