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Thread: Bit the bullet...

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    Bit the bullet...

    How many syns are there in a bullet anyway?

    So after nearly two months off track, I rejoined a meeting last night and am back on plan as of today. I crept back in like the returning prodigal at the end of the class, got my weight history reset, bought a 12 week count down and weighed in ready for a fresh start.

    Between New Year and the end of March I managed to lose 1st 1lbs, but I'm sad to admit that I have put 8lbs of that back on in six weeks. I have my reasons, the main one being that I have been away more than I have been at home in the last six weeks, with various trips for work and on holiday. We've also been through quite a stressful house buying/not buying/buying/not buying scenario which has led to the consumption of larger than usual quantities of Sauvignon Blanc...

    But really this is not the time to make excuses. I've drawn my line, turned my page and put my best foot forward (etc). I'm going to forget what has gone before and concentrate on what is to come.

    Wish me luck.


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    good luck xxx sounds to me like you are ready to take it all on - esp with a 12 week countdown! x

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    Good Luck Violet.

    Our stats are very similar today, I also had a gain over the last while, due to being ill for about 6 weeks and not following plan.

    Anyway, started afresh last week, and lost 2 lbs. Hoping my gain is only short-term. Have about 5 lbs to go to get back down to where I was.

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    lol Good Luck Violet...!!

    As you probably know (and was one of the first things I asked when I joined last night), that a bottle of wine is only about 27 syns! Happy Days!!


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    Welcome back

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