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Thread: TOTM and weigh-in

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    TOTM and weigh-in

    Hi all, I have a question.

    Whilst I know i shoudn't do this I weighed myself this morning and i've gone up almost 5lbs!! Now on Monday my day out cycling didn't go as planned and as such had to eat on the go, I had some tomato soup and a bread roll with a pint of lager and lime, later on I had a prepacked chicken sandwich and a handful of nuts. Now I don't think that warrants that much of a gain and I was very active over the weekend.

    Is it possible it could be PMT? I am due on in about a week, maybe just over (they seem to happen when they like for some reason at the mo), I am craving sweet things which normally happens every month, but can you really experience the weight gain this much in advance? I feel very grumpy about it as apart from the off day I was on plan 100% every other day.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Ooh, that sounds a bit harsh. My weight fluctuates on a daily basis - did you weigh at the same time you'd normally weigh at class (could be a big change in weight from first thing in the morning to the evening).

    When are you due to weigh?

    And if you are due-on, it may be water retention.

    Lynne x

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    I put on 3 lbs last week. It was my time of the month, too. (Although having pizza hut probably didn't help)
    If you're exercising more than normal you need to eat more super free and drink more water. Apparently if you don't your body will store fat because it's panicking. Someone in group had the same problem.
    Hope this helps

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    Do you normally go to class and have weighed yourself at home? Cos this is probably the most likely reason for the difference. I weigh in 6lbs heavier at group than I do on my scales at home.
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    Thanks all! I weighed myself at work in the morning, I usually weigh in in the evening. The work scales are usually a pound max heavier. So I'm in a right fettle now! :O

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    I have always put on weight at the time of my period, normally a fluctuation of 3lbs, I think because of water retention. Was more noticeable when I was thin, but it definitely still happens! My weigh in next week will precede TOTM so will have to see how it affects my SW journey (although I know it'll come off again once I'm done, I think a gain won't help my motivation...). May try some success express days that week to try and mitigate!

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    Everyone has individual patterns when it comes to totm and weightloss, I know myself that I only lose 0.5lb the week before totm arrives. If you've been following plan then that is what it may be or water retention, if so, you will probably lose it the following week.

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