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Thread: Help!! Hit a wall with my weight loss

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    Help!! Hit a wall with my weight loss

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new on here and just wondering if anyone can help me.. I joined slimming world end of last year and lost about a stone.. Over christmas my weight crept back up a bit and after going on holiday etc I am about half a stone up on what I lost last year..

    Anyway I have been following slimming world at home this time instead of going to group for the last three weeks.. And even though I am following the plan in exactly the same way as before I am just not losing anything. I lost 2 pound in the first week put on a pound in the second and maintained on third.. When I followed it before I got a loss every week without fail

    Just feeling very disheartened as I am really trying to stick to plan which isn't easy sometimes and not seeing results..

    Not sure what's going wrong! Has anyone else had this experience?

    Thanks x

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    I would always give a 'healthy eating plan' about 6 weeks to see the bigger picture.

    Often as ladies, we have times when we are more likely to bloat or not, and therefore one weigh in a month is not going to be as 'good' as we hoped - this is just the way it seems to be - and then this can sometimes make us think the plan is not working - when really it is.

    What I mean is that if you average out your losses over 6 weeks, I think that is a better measure than 3.

    Are you keeping a food diary? perhaps if you start logging a food diary on here ( there is a little sub forum for this) then we can give more advice.

    Best of luck xx

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    Total Weight Loss: 1st4.5lb
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    Would it be worth maybe keeping a food diary for the week and then going over it?

    It it can be so frustrating when you are sticking to plan and are not seeing the results on the scales. As the above poster said it can take a few weeks to get into the swing of losing weight.

    Keep eps going, the losses will come, sometimes our bodies can be annoying!

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    Thanks for the replies, yes I am going to keep going and stick with it as it worked so well for me before just don't understand why it wouldn't now..

    Yeh three weeks is not very long I suppose.. Will see if things change over the next few weeks and maybe think about going back to groups if not ..

    Have been keeping a diary so keeping track of what I'm eating everyday.


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