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Thread: Switching from vlcd back to sw

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    Switching from vlcd back to sw

    I all I did sw for 18 months before and it was fab but fell of the wagon big time end if last year and struggled to get back on.
    I have started exante in the hope of kicking starting my weight loss/motivation again, I have 2 weeks left of exante products left then I would like to go back to sw.
    My worry is that as exante is very low carb am I likely to find I gain weight going back to sw or then struggle to lose more weight on sw.

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    My friend went from the Cambridge diet to SW and has managed to keep the wight off and loose another stone on top so think positive! Your body will take some time to adjust but stick with it and you'll see results!! :-)

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    SW can be low carbohydrate if you want it to be. Just because the plan says you can eat carbohydrates doesn't mean you have to.

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