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Thread: Am I being a pig?

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    Am I being a pig?

    So, I am having a sort of 2nd dinner! Am I being piggy?

    I had a banana for breakfast, then marmite pasta with cheese (heA) for lunch and then as we were going out at an awkward time I had a chicken burger in a bun at about 4pm (heB for bun) not sure on syns of burger yet...

    Well I have just had a big dinner of mini chicken breast fillets, carrot and swede mash, mixed veg, splash of gravy (2syns) two small yorkies (4syns)

    I felt really guilty eating it as I feel like I shouldn't have had anything else after the chicken burger? But I was pretty hungry after a busy day...

    I am doing so rubbish at SW lately as I keep depriving myself and then binging on junk food.

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    Not at all- don't worry about it. A banana for breakfast wasn't a big meal- more a snack for most so I'd say you've had 3 meals today.
    You've done the right thing by eating when your body has told you that you're hungry which surely keeps your metabolism in check. I wouldn't worry at all.x
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    It's all on plan so fine, but I'd have gone for some fruit rather than have a mini meal, but that's my preference, I agree a banana for breakfast isn't much, are you not hungry at breakfast time?

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    Were you hungry?

    Was it on plan?

    No problem...
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