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Thread: Guidance on Extra Easy needed for returning SW Slimmer

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    Guidance on Extra Easy needed for returning SW Slimmer

    Hi folks, I have come back to SW after 6 years, when I lost 6 stones on Green Days (as I was vegetarian then, but not now)

    I have joined online and am trying to follow Extra Easy and I just can't get my head round it.

    The premise, as i understand it is you can have any free foods on Extra Easy if a third of your plate is SuperFre foods - and the Super Free Foods could be included in the dish, so a chilli with that has onion, mushrooms and peppers in it. Is that right?

    If that is, how does snacking work? I would often make microwave crisps with potatoes, or a bowl of Pasta and Sauce for a snack - can you do that on Extra Easy - how does that work?

    I am confused so please help!!



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    Welcome Iain

    What is Extra Easy?

    Extra easy is the new plan introduced in January 2009 to celebrate Slimming World's 40th birthday.
    You can think of EE as a hybrid of Green and Red. You follow it in exactly the same way with a few slight changes:

    • Anything that is free on Red OR Green is free on EE.
    • You have ONE healthy extra A and ONE healthy Extra B. You can choose from either of the Red and Green healthy extra lists.
    • The number of syns you have stay the same (between 5-15 more info below). The only difference is you take the lower syn value. If something is 6 syns on Green and 3 on Red, you count 3 syns on EE.
    • It is advised that you fill your plate with 1/3 superfree foods (see above) at each meal. It is not essential, but is highly recommended.
    • You must fill 1/3 of your plate with with superfree foods (i.e. fruit and veg) at each meal. (Slimming World FAQ's)

    Hope that helps
    Love Mini xxx

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    Extra easy does have its own book because there are differences. For instance you can have cheese as a 'b' choice on green but not on the other two plans if you see what I mean! Lol!
    Sal x

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