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Thread: stomach pain and bloating?

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    stomach pain and bloating?

    hi ive recently joined slimming world again and im doing well ive lost 7.5lbs in weeks. anyway this week im really struggling in particular with stomach pain (ive also suffered with a serious stomach pains since a child and was in and out of hospital but as ive grown up ive learnt to cope with it but it has become a less frequent thing) anyway im suffering quite bad with bloating for 2 days now and the pain with the bloating is horrid. could it be something ive eaten that just hasnt agreed with the diet or my bodys not used to already after 2 weeks (is that even possible). ive been drinking shed loads of water and tea without milk (havnt drunk milk for years as this used to be 1 cause of the stomach pain) is it a common thing with slimming world, i really dnt remember feeling like this on the previous try on slimming world?

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    No, I wouldn't say it is common, but it is not unheard of. Changes to anyone's diet can take some getting used to.

    It might be connected with SW, in which case it will probably settle down. But it could be something entirely unconnected - just because you do one thing and another thing happens doesn't mean that one causes the other. So if it doesn't improve you perhaps ought to consult your doctor, especially as you have had problems in the past.

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    I was very bloated and windy for the first few weeks, and still now occasionally. I presumed it was down to the changes in diet and lots of extra fruit and veg. If it is related to what you're eating it should settle. No harm in talking to your gp if you're worried. Hope it gets better x

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    Lots of people experience bloating at the start of this diet due to the increased fruit and veg they're eating. This seems to vary from person to person but those affected usually report that it gets better with time. There are the usual accounts of discomfort, embarrassment and some amusement as you can imagine. I have read so many stories on here - varying from some minor bloating all the way to the significant other not wanting to be in the same room, due to their excessive flatulence! However, what I would say to you and anyone else reading this, is that anything that is giving you cause for concern or pain should be discussed with a professional, if only to put your mind at rest. I hope you're feeling a lot better very soon
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