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Thread: New to Slimming world

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    New to Slimming world


    I'm new to slimming world, this is my first week, I am finding it relatively easy but I think I am being a little too restrictive on myself, its fear of the unknown, I dont fully understand the whole SYN system, so I am actually slightly wary of eating anything that isnt superfree or free, so as you can imagine I have spent the week eating Fruit, drinking water and eating eggs cooked different ways, I did make the Syn free tikka Masala which was gorgeous, even my partner wolfed it down, he is a real foodie.

    I guess what I am asking is, does anyone have any ideas on breakfast and Lunch ideas for me during the week in work.... the whole fruit bowl or boiled egg thing is getting old now and I am fearful I am gonna give up. My next meeting is on Monday so I will talk to the counseller in detail but in the meantime to get me over the weekend without splurging


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    Welcome to SW and to minimins. I recommend you go on the recipie and food diary sections of the forum and you will get so many ideas. My lunch today is pasta with tomato sauce (homemade and full of veggies) with tuna and sweetcorn. Can eat it cold on the go or possible to heat up if I can access a microwave when I want it. This forum is great for support and ideas.

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    For breakfast I like a 'fry' up. Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, fried potatoes, or any combination of those.
    Good lunch ideas is cold pastas: chicken sweetcorn and a little low fat mayo, tuna pasta, roasted veg pasta or cous cous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McFluffy256 View Post
    . . . . so as you can imagine I have spent the week eating Fruit, drinking water and eating eggs cooked different ways, . . .

    Vegetables, salads, meat, fish, pasta, rice - these are all free foods. Are you eating your healthy extras - you can have cereal for breakfast.

    You do need to talk to your consultant, but you could always ring her before Monday. Consultants are used to hearing from new members who are a bit confused.

    And it sounds as if you ought to sit down with your books and read them through again. Sometimes it takes a couple of read-throughs before it all starts to click.

    Good luck!

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    I like to have porridge or bran flakes with milk as my hex a and b as I would not be able to fit them any where else in the day as I don't like cheese. Fills me up too.

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    Hello McFluffy! Welcome to the forum and good luck to you! I hope you chose something tasty from the posts above for your breakfast ;-)

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