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Thread: Butter substitute

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    Butter substitute

    Hi everyone.

    I love veg ,but I'm getting a bit bored of having them without butter. Especially new potato. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Butter buds.

    You can get it online and I think Lakeland sell it, it's like a powder that you sprinkle on stuff and it melts. Great on a jacket potato etc. 1/2 syn per sachet.
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    For new potatoes I sometimes make a dressing of fat free natural yogurt with (sugar free) mint sauce stirred through to taste - it's good on cold chicken too.

    If you can't manage without butter, you can still have it; just make sure you Syn it. Syns can be used to make meals tastier eg on ketchup, gravy, mayonnaise/salad cream - or, for you, a little bit of butter.

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    I really like the frylight butter flavour sprayed on hot jacket and new pots as well as other veg. If you add a little salt I think it tastes really good, and free.
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    I use Aromat. It's 7 syns for the whole pot and I only ever use a dash.
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    I don't mind Laughing Cow Light as a substitute for butter / spread. I know it's cheese, but it doesn't really taste "cheesy" if that makes sense? It's just something to add a bit of moisture.

    You get 5 x Laughing Low Light cheese triangles for a Healthy Extra A.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MelonCollie View Post
    I use Aromat. It's 7 syns for the whole pot and I only ever use a dash.
    Since when has aromat been synned - I use it all the time and have been told by my consultant it's free ????


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