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Thread: Help!!!

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    CAn I eat my healthy extra at night??? Soooo hungry today and new to SW. First weigh in will be Thursday and I honestly can't see how I'm going to lose weight!! I feel like I'm eating loads today. All free and super free foods though.

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    Hiya I am also new to slimming world I will be having first weigh in on monday, I totally understand what you mean I also feel like I have eaten loads this week lol its all still a bit confusing but we will get there i'm sure! As far as i know you can have your Hex's at any time and alot of people have them a night like a bowl of weetabix or something. feel free to check out my food diary im glad of any support xx

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    You can have your HE at any time you like! Some people use them as part of their meals, some people use them as snacks - it's up to you. Good luck!

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    Thanks I suppose once the first weigh in is done, I'll see if the scales say any less. If not I'll get the right hump haha. But I've stuck to it so I'm hoping the scales go down! Good luck with your weigh in on Monday too

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    Just to reassure you, sw have offered a 4 week money back guarantee for years -and have never ever had to pay out on it! Just trust in the plan, follow it 100% and you will lose good luck for your first weigh in x

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    I love seeing threads where new members are astonished at how much they can eat, wonder if they'll lose anything at all, then often get a great loss in their first week! Let us know how weigh-in goes.
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    Made it to target after nearly ten months on Slimming World and now working to maintain a super healthy lifestyle.
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