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Thread: Exercise is boring!!

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    Exercise is boring!!

    I want to get fit, I really do, but I find exercise tedious. I've tried going out walking, running, every exercise dvd on the planet, swimming, just going to the gym... And I can't keep to a routine for more than a few days because I get bored. When I exercise, all I can think is 'I could be doing something more interesting right now' or 'so, this is exactly like yesterday again, yay'. I'm one of those people that gets distracted and doesn't stick to anything very long unless it's really good!

    Any ideas how to make exercise interesting and fun?!
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    I think perhaps it is about finding something that is of interest to you, but also your mindset to exercise.

    Maybe you need a friend to go along on these activities. Someone to talk to, to compare things with and a little competition always helps to spur each other on. Perhaps groups classes may work better for you. There is so much to choose from. What about circuits or zumba? Do you have a local leisure centre you can go to and investigate the group classes?

    To help you, you need to re-focus on the reasons why you are doing this and not what you could be doing instead. Walking might seem boring but its easy and free, what about taking your phone and some earbuds and listening to your favourite music on the way round?? Just like the diet, you need to set yourself small goals and take it from there otherwise it all seems too much and you want to give up.

    Good luck with everything
    I did it again! - Right here...

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    Yes, I also find exercise boring, well I used to!!!!
    I got myself a personal trainer. This is a lady trainer who became a trainer to specifically work with women. When I started with her I could barely get up from a chair 5 times & now I can do 20 press ups. I have a regular weekly slot with her on a monday morning straight after the school run. Recently I've really noticed a difference if I don't do my once a week hour. I actually miss it. Because it's one on one training it's all about me... tailored to me.
    Also it's worth getting yourself a pedometer. You might be surprised by how much walking you already do in your day to day activities. Try adding to those activities, can you walk instead of drive/get the bus? take the stairs instead of a lift? little things but make a big difference.

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    What about going to a class like Zumba with a friend? I go 2 or 3 times a week with my friends and love it. It's a laugh and it doesn't feel like real exercise because it's fun.

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    Shopping and walking the dogs is what makes me exercise. Love the both of them!
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    I really recommend adding music. Either listen to an ipod (or watch TV) while you're at the gym (it helps a bit... but I get the boredom thing too!) or even better find a style of dance that you love. I've done various Indian styles over the years and Bollywood/Bhangra are so energetic and fun. You can join a class or search dance workouts on Youtube.

    I also love hiking, because I get to go out of London into beautiful scenery and chat to some really lovely people. I'm a member of the Metropolitan Walkers, which is a Ramblers local group, and there are groups all over the country, doing walks from a few miles to mega hikes.
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    I'm like you, exercise really bores me, but I just joined a beginners table tennis course and I'm finding it a lot of fun.

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    Find a really gorgeous trainer! Well, that's what I did . . . . !!
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    I hated walking until I started using the Map My Walk app, now I just want to beat my targets & records! Would you do a challenge, like Couch to 5K? Or listen to some Podcasts while walking/running? Time goes really quickly that way. A class could be fun too x
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    I used to drive to and from work and then as soon as I got home, would go out for a walk for an hour or so on most days. Then it occurred to me, why don't I just walk to and from work? I do it now at least 3 times a week, often 4 and it's a good 50 minute walk both ways. I reached my initial target last May, and since walking have trimmed off almost another stone and a half without trying. I suppose the key is not to see exercise as just an 'add on', but just as another part of your day.
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    I bought a weighted hula hoop and hula in front of the tv. I'm another who dislikes exercise but find this fun and have lost 2 1/2 inches round my waist. OH owns a gym, and I so wish I could love exercise the way he does.

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    I don't really like excerise either but I got a davina macall workout DVD it has 4 different 30 mins workouts an yoga at the end ( if ur into tat I'm not so never do it) I hsv been doin it for a month now an for 3 wks I lost no weight on the scales but all my clothes tat didn't fit r fitting now so must b loosin inches also people r askin me hav I lost weight so it works! Plus 30 mins isn't long I do an hr most nites but if I'm feeling lazy I jst stick to one 30 min workout

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    I go to zumba but enjoy zumba step more (at Virgin active, they also have a new class called fierce which is good!)

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    Can't abide exercise!

    Zumba is a good option because it doesn't feel like exercise, especially if you take a class.

    I use something called Fitness Blender which is a channel on YouTube. They have exercise routines for everyone and everything. Minimal talking, they just get straight to it. I have some music playing in the back and it helps. I tend to watch kettlebell exercises which helps with my arms.

    Walking..not great with running but go to local marshes or park and walk or power walk for as long as I can be bothered to. Son comes along with his bike. Thinking of getting a bike to join him.

    Swimming is another option there are aqua fit classes or you could just do simple lengths.

    Hope this helps. From one exercisephobe to another x

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    Try a team sport?

    Dragon Boat Racing
    Roller Derby

    there is something out there for everyone...

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