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Thread: Hormonal cravings!

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    Hormonal cravings!

    Hiya, I'm new on here and have rejoined sw. I was wondering for all you ladies out there how do you all cope with hormonal cravings? Do you have any go to foods preferably low syn or free that help with your cravings? Or do you end up giving in to your cravings?

    Any ideas would be great x

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    Hey :-)

    I tend to give in a little but try to keep it within syns, not using them in meals so I've got them for extra bread, cheese, chocolate and wine!!
    I am vulnerable to straying from the plan when I'm hormonal, and if I do I try not to beat myself up about it- I'm only human, and if it helps with hormones then its worth it lol.
    I like to keep mini chocolate bars and the like in, and my meals are usually more carb-heavy but sw is fab as this is fine!
    Hope this helps x
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    I gave in the day after my WI! (TOTM here)
    Since I've tried recipes to help cure the urge!
    Bananas I find are great. They're sweet and oh so lovely.
    SW cheese cake is also amazing. I had half of one today and I loved it so much. It really helped and I'm tempted to make the top again and use my last 5 syns on just that for today.. hehe..
    With savoury snacking I find roasted potatoes and veg are great, and grilled bits of chicken.
    Or kebab skewers. Peppers mushrooms onion and a bit of meat, griddle for a bit and voila. I love BBQ frylight with that.
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