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Thread: Struggling

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    Angry Struggling

    After my first two weeks on SW and losing 4.5lb I gained last week 1.5lb and this week all I want to do is eat everything in sight. I have 3st to lose most put on when I was on depro (which GP at the time always said doesn't make you put on weight) over about 6 years, plus PMT this week is making me crave cheese, sweet thing and just about everything I shouldn't eat. Help. I WI on Tuesday and am now not wanting to go but I know if I don't and face up to it, I will just put on more and more and be unhappy with my weight and frustrated.

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    Do you like fruit? Could you nibble on grapes cherries etc...i have been doing that all afternoon as i always,struggle on weekends.

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    Firstly I would recommend you look at setting yourself small goals, like half a stone at a time rather than thinking you need to lose 3 stone, otherwise it seems like a mountain to climb.

    Secondly, I would say it's not unheard of to stay the same or put something on the second week. Did you stick to plan 100% or do you know you cheated in some way? With regards to cravings, these are normal too and you need to find some low syn treats you can eat to satisfy your appetite and there will be lots of this site if you have a search around. Also, the week of your period (or * week as it is often referred to) is the week you will often put on weight but it comes off again the following week.

    I would sit and consider the reasons why you really want to lose weight and what it will mean to you and write them all down and keep it somewhere. When you are having a bad week or your resistance is low, you can get out your list and remind yourself why you are doing this and motivate yourself to carry on.

    Avoiding WI is also quite a common post amongst those having a bad week who think they can avoid going and make up for it the next week. It is always a bad idea not to face up to what is really going on and I would urge anyone that they must get weighed and find a way to move forward and deal with these disappointing weeks as there are times you can be 100% but show nothing on the scales. A good way is to measure yourself right from the start and perhaps when a bad week pops up you can have a measure and where you can't see the pounds you can bet you will see the inches lost.

    I hope this will give you something to go on and the only other thing I can say is whatever happens not to beat yourself up about a bad day if you do give in, draw a line under and start afresh the next day. Keep following this plan and you will get where you want to be. Good luck with everything
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    There are lots of ways you can have sweeter things to curb cravings.
    Have you been keeping a food diary at all? Sometimes you can actually accidentally sabotage your own weight loss by not keeping track of everything you consume, keeping a food diary may help you to identify any things you may be doing which are undoing the hard-work if you stick to plan.

    In terms of cheeses, you have a variety to choose from as your Healthy Extra A-Choice, you can have more of things like Mozzerella, Ricotta and low-fat cream cheese than you can of the more traditional harder cheeses such as Red Leicester or Cheddar. If you want to snack on cheese then Babybel's can be a bit of a snack-lifeline if you are in a cheesy mood.
    Other things you may consider are Synned snacks such as Quavers or Doritos if you want to use syns on snacks and get a cheesy fix.

    As for the sweet stuff, you could go for Sweets and Syn those or go for fruit and potentially eat Speed and super-speed fruits like Melon, Pineapple and Strawberries

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