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Thread: work night out...

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    work night out...

    So I'm still pretty new to SW and I've got a night out with some friends, which usual ends up with me stumbling home at 4am.

    But now, Im on slimming world, I don't want to ruin all of the progress by having 1 (or 6) to many, so where this ramble is going, how do I still have my night out and still look after my weight?


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    There are a number of options. The first being flexisynning, you choose a maximum number of syns for the day in advance (say 20 or 30) which you don't go over and then get back on plan the next day. It's meant for special occasions and not a weekly thing. You have to be prepared for the fact you don't lose that week, but then again, you just might. There is link to flexisynning

    The other option which SW don't endorse but others follow is look at your syns over a week rather than a day, so 15 x 7 = 105 for the week. You could have 5 syns a day for 6 days (30 syns) and leave yourself 75 syns for a night out. Again, this doesn't work for everyone and is a case of trial and error. If you are at group your consultant will not promote you doing this and will suggest you flexisyn.

    The other options are don't drink or look at what you are drinking. Try spirits with diet mixers around 4 syns each roughly as wine and beer will be much higher. The danger with going out and having a heavy session of drinking is that you will probably tempted to eat as well. However, life is for living and it doesn't stop because you are on a diet. There's nothing wrong in going out and having a good time it just takes a bit more planning. Enjoy your night
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    Fab tips

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    Switch from wine to spirit and a low cal mixer so vodka as diet coke or gin and slim. Also, I sometimes alternate between an alcoholic drink and a soft drink and ask them to put it in the same style glass so it still looks like you're joining in

    If you think you might be hungover the next day then make some SW friendly ones so that you're not tempted to have some next day naughties

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    I also alternate! Usually vodka and diet coke with plain diet coke. Try to at least be there at the bar or whatever if someone is getting you a drink if you are trying to stick with singles!!!!

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