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Thread: Water intake before WI

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    Water intake before WI

    Just wondering what u all do for water intake before u have wi? I normally drink between 2-3 litres a day but on wi day try not to take as much in case it would affect the scales

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    Delighted to be started back on plan 11th June 2013 after a big gain during pregnancy number 2 - originally had lost 5st 8lb
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    Me too...though it does go out as fast as it goes in me!!!! Lol
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    I had loads of water yesterday with all the heat, I had lost 7 1/2 lbs on my scales in the morning and by the time I got to the weigh in it was only 6 1/2 lbs lost - so I might try to have a bit less next Monday...
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    That could just have been due to the difference between the sets of scales. In this weather it is important to drink enough, more important for your health than the odd pound here or there.
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    I would completely agree with Anna. SW is all about making healthy choices. Drink your 2 or 3 litres before WI every week and then it won't make a difference week to week!
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    There is no going back!

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    I'm so glad I can go to a morning group...!! lol.

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    I drink the same amount but try to have most of it earlier on - I stop drinking water by 4pm - weigh in at 5.45

    Silly arent we?!!!
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    I still drink lots but not after 2pm, weigh in is 345pm
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