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Thread: trying again

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    trying again

    I done SW before and it really worked for me but when I stopped going to class the weight started to get put back on. I also found when I started going to the gym my weight loss stopped as much sometimes none at all others may be 0.5 or 1 pound. Iv started again last week and seem to really be struggling this time. Any tips on how to keep losing weight each week?

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    Height: 5ft3.5in
    Start Date: May2014
    Start Weight: 10st9lb
    Current Weight: 10st0.2lb
    Goal Weight: 8st4lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 26
    Current BMI: 24.4
    Goal BMI: 20.2

    Total Weight Loss: 0st8.8lb
    Weight to Lose: 1st10.2lb
    % Lost 5.91%
    Are you on EE? Just stick to plan lots of superfree and it will come off good luck. Maybe try a week of success express to get a whoosh

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    Diet: Slimming World EE
    Height: 5ft6in
    Start Weight: 13st4.5lb
    Current Weight: 10st8.5lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 30.1
    Current BMI: 24

    Total Weight Loss: 2st10lb
    % Lost 20.38%
    Top tips are keep a food diary right from the very beginning and be honest and write down everything you are eating and drinking. Knowing in advance what you are going to eat takes all the guess work out of everything so planning is the key. If things go slightly awry, then you have the food diary to look back on to see where adjustments could be made and if you ask for advice through this platform, it's the first thing we will ask to see.

    Following someone else's food diary on here or looking at the threads what's for breakfast, lunch, tea etc or the many, many recipes will certainly help you to avoid the repetition in your diet and expand the variety of things you can find to eat. Budget shopping at Aldi, buying frozen fruit and veg and cooking in bulk and freezing will also keep the costs down.

    There are also a number of weighing groups which are by weigh day and are a good way to share your experiences, spur others along, to feel part of a group and get to know some of the others and get support in between your meetings.

    Finally, I would say trust in the plan it does work and as Elvisfan4life says eat your superfree. Make sure you also eat your syns and don’t cut back as it doesn’t work that way. Good luck

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    Diet: Slimming World/Green Plan
    Height: 5ft7in
    Start Date: 3/6/2013
    Start Weight: 11st12.0lb
    Current Weight: 10st7lb
    Goal Weight: 10st5.0lb
    Goal Date: 16/10/2013

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 26
    Current BMI: 23
    Goal BMI: 22.7

    Total Weight Loss: 1st5lb
    Weight to Lose: 0st2lb
    % Lost 11.45%
    As has been said..."If you bite it write it!!"

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    Diet: Slimming World
    Height: 5ft2in
    Start Date: 01/01/2015
    Start Weight: 17st13.5lb
    Current Weight: 17st8lb
    Goal Weight: 9st0lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 46
    Current BMI: 45
    Goal BMI: 23

    Total Weight Loss: 0st5.5lb
    Weight to Lose: 8st8lb
    % Lost 2.19%
    I rejoined sw after doing it very successfully but fell pregnant and lost motivation. I am back to square 1 and struggling but what i found is helping even if i know i am going to gain is going to group every weekand staying because eventually my mojo will return x

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