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Thread: I need motivational words and help please

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    I need motivational words and help please

    I'm stuck in a rut here. Been on slimming world since January, lost 1stone so far. I seem to do ok, then have 1 weekend/night out which then culminates in a take away the next day and I can't seem to pull it back. I've got stuck in a rut of eating crap friday/saturday and sunday then going synfree for 3 days till weigh in. It's doing my head in and just not working anymore.

    My problem is the weekends/nights out/birthdays/weddings. I can't seem to get back on it or draw that line. Take this Friday for example, i've got a wedding at night time. What does everyone do? Go syn free before and after? forget about it and just give myself 90 syns for the week instead of 105? To be fair, there isn't any point in saying make the best choices cos i'm not afan of diet juice and once i've had a drink or 2 all best choices go out the window.

    I've also got into a rut that red days are better because of no carbs so as of tomorrow i'm going back to basics with a week of extra easy. Apart from Friday, i'm not sure what i'm going to do then.

    Please help, i only have more weigh ins till my holiday. Thank you x
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    Wow so much information and stress in your post!

    so there are two things going on, your weekends and the wedding/social events.

    first the weekend, you need to break the Friday off plan/excess syns leading to Saturday, leading to Sunday and 'new start' Monday, we've all been there so don't think you're alone cause your not. Planning is the key I assume Friday is your main night out. So find out how many syns in your drinks and kebab/takeaway/chippy then you know what your working with, you could try having weekly syns and use most of them on Friday. Plan for Saturday, breakfast, you can have a nice 'fry up' SW friendly and make a fake away tea, repeat for Sunday.

    i know it sounds easy, but it's not, just make small chances at a time and eventually it will get easier

    Okie dokies the the wedding, I always eat beforehand that way I'm not tempted to have high syn buffet foods, I do have a few glasses of wine though!!!

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    I too know how difficult those situations can be to handle and get back onto plan afterwards....but...sounds like it has to be done for your upcoming holiday.
    Personally, to pull it back I get back to basics, eat simple for a few days (never hungry but go for good choices of filling free & super free foods whenever possible and I always have some syns (chocolate) or I couldn't do it. It is the weekly weigh in ahead that keeps me heading the right way.


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