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Thread: help

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    Hi Im New to this. First week. Weigh in tonight.
    I came on last night and now tummy really hurts and want chocolate big time! What can i do? Also please hints and tips i have loads of questions about slimming world and Gluten free etc my leader wasn't much help.

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    Welcome Sar bear

    I have moved your thread to the Slimming World forum here and I am sure some of our members will be able to help you out.

    You could use your syns for some chocolate?

    Good luck with weigh in tonight.
    Love Mini xxx

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    Im always here!

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    If you want chocolate, then have it. That's what your Syns are for! There are plenty of low-Syn options, including Freddos (5 Syns) or Curly Wurlys (6 Syns). Just an idea...
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    As an alternative to chocolate i have been having muller light yoghurts. During the hot days here at the min i have been putting it in the freezer for about 30-45 mins (just long enough that its not fully frozen)! Its delicious and takes a bit longer to eat as well!
    You could also try grating a little piece of chocolate over it (but remember to syn it)
    "The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places"

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    I use Alpen lights as a HEX B - I get the Chocolate and Fudge and the double chocolate ones mostly, they give me a little choccy fix. Also try snacking on fruit - frozen grapes are nice, mullerlights are good too but I got some Shape 0% fat yoghurts last night and they are lovely, thicker and creamier than the mullerlights. Obviously, if you have the syns then have a bar of chocolate! I had a Galaxy Ripple (8.5 syns) the other day and savoured every bite, usually it would've been gone in about 20 seconds...

    Best of luck!

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    Are you new to the gluten free as well?

    I haven't found it that bad but having had coeliacs for 4 years now I was kind of on top of the GF diet anyway before starting on SW. Even though you can have certain GF bread as your HExB choice I do find I'm less bloated when I don't bother with it - most of the bars etc do contain gluten (and will irritate your stomach even more)

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    I'm not good with gluten either so try to avoid it whenever possible. I don't eat dairy either....I use soy instead.
    I know it makes our way of eating harder and we have to syn more things but I still managed to get to target.
    My consultant didn't have many ideas either so I just worked out a way of eating that suited me.

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    Ah thanks guys i have been doing wheat free for just over a year now and got used to alternatives but its the syn values. For instance i bought free from couscous as i thought it was free but my sis in law said it worked out at 13 syns for 75g i only just found it and though oh couscous is free ill get that. Do you syn gf pasta? What bread is good on slimming world. Sorry but need help from people who understand. Having said that. Weighed in tonight 4 and half pounds down!

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    4.5 pounds is a great loss, well done!

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    Adjusted Target (9st9lbs) reached 1st April 2015

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    well done sar bear 4 .5 is really good
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