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Thread: am back and not weighing so often

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    Talking am back and not weighing so often

    After a year of more than usual holidays I have decided to work hard at losing. My friend has got a big birthday and I am taking her to the Grovsener in Chester for a champagne afternoon tea as a surprise. I thought that it would be nice to get a photo but on realising she would want me in it ...and her only being about 7 1/2 stone horror has set in.

    So I decided to start again and not be a serial weigher. To my delight I have lost 3 1/2 lbs on week one and have got four to go. If I can lose 12 lbs by the time we go I will be well pleased.

    Faye Cheshire

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    Hey Faye -welcome back and good luck! Out of interest do you think not weighing so often will help you? I only ask as I was thinking it might actually help me more to just get weighed twice a month! xxx

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    I was thinking about only weighing in every fortnight, hopefully then any natural flucuations would of evened out?!

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    I used to be a serial weigher, I used to be on the scales 5 times a day some days! It's really disheartening doing it, our weight fluctuates so much during the day that once I was 9lbs up in the space of an hour. It's best to stick to just weighing on WI day or you'll drive yourself crazy x

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